E98 20 Litre

E98 20 Litre

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Powerplus E98+ is a volatile, colourless liquid with low
viscosity and very mild odour.
Engines run cooler and are less subject to corrosion.
Recommended for all legal Ethanol racing applications.
PowerPlus E98+ is manufactured in the Australia.
PowerPlus E98+ is a renewable fuel source that is also
environmentally friendly. Its performance is comparable to 125
octane race fuel. Your engine will run cooler and your ET’s will
be less affected by atmospheric changes. PowerPlus E98+ is
not corrosive like methanol it includes all the anticorrosive’s
and lubricants found in PowerPlus 98+ and does not leave
carbon deposits like petrol so maintenance is reduced across
the board. Your oil stays looking like new.
Increases oxygen intake, increase in boost pressures and
reduces exhaust temperature.

PLEASE NOTE: Not for use in aviation applications. Do not store in fibreglass tanks or containers.

 Octane Number - Research (RON) 125 ASTM D2699
Octane Number - Motor (MON) Higher than 108 ASTM D2700
Sulphur Content PPM 50 max ASTM D5453
Appearance Clear & Bright Liquid
Density @ 15°C kg/L 0.790 - 0.793 ASTM D4052
Oxygen (weight %) % 34.08% ASTM D5622
Reid Vapour Pressure PSI 30.5 ASTM D323
Benzene % vol Less than 1.0 ASTM D3606
Stoichiometric A/F ratio 9.3 : 1

The information set out here has been compiled from standard reference materials and/or test data of Powerplus. Although Powerplus believes the information to be accurate and reliable, it is provided for the user’s investigations only. Powerplus does not make or give any warranty or guarantee whatsoever. Although care has been taken in compiling the
information, Powerplus hereby expressly disclaims any liability whatsoever in respect of any legligery misstatement forming part of the information.