Diesel 20 Litre

Diesel 20 Litre

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Powerplus Racing Diesel is a high performance diesel fuel suitable for all diesel powered equipment including: High speed diesel engines, passenger cars, SUVs, trucks, agricultural, military, power generation, heating equipment, on-road, off-road and industrial applications.

Our diesel formulation is designed to deliver optimal engine performance. Powerplus Racing Diesel contains an advanced technology additive system which maintains fuel injector cleanliness and protects fuel system components and increases cetane numbers, to ensure engines operate at peak efficiency and performance.

Breaks down and removes deposits left behind on critical parts of the engine. Proven demulsibility characteristics to ensure water and suspended material do not foul fuel systems. Controls fuel injector deposits and helps inhibit the build up of deposits on intake valves that affect the flow of the air fuel mixture into the engine. Also reduces exhaust emissions.

 PLEASE NOTE: Not for use in aviation applications. Do not store in fibreglass tanks or containers.

Cetane Index 46 Min ASTM D4737
Sulphur Content PPM 10 Max ASTM D5453
Colour ASTM
2 Max ASTM D1500
Appearance Clear & Bright Pale Yellow
Density @ 15°C kg/m3 0.82 - 0.85 ASTM D1298
Water Content mg/kg 200 Max ASTM D6304
Flash Point Deg C 61.5°C Min ASTM D93
Oxidation Stability mg/l 25 Max ASTM D2274